The Gurong – A Trilogy of Wonder #3

First he discovered the book, then the old lady who first read it back when she was his age. Now they set off together to solve the mystery of The Gurong in this amazing conclusion to a trilogy of wonder!

The Gurong – A Trilogy of Wonder #1

An unusual book in his school library leads a boy on an exciting journey as he sets out to learn more about his town’s mysterious past involving The Gurong.


How fortunate we are to realize how fortunate we are…

Have a listen…

In celebration of The Flash Fiction Ponder’s one-year anniversary, we’ll trying out a few audio versions of our stories of substance!

Father-Daughter Time

While coping with the loss of his miscarried child, a father experiences a surreal and treasured conversation with her after the fact.

Away Game

For many, football is more than just a game, as captured through the perspective of this high school football player…

THREE (Part Three)

The shocking conclusion to the Psychological Horror trilogy that’ll make you cringe thrice!