Surviving the Scorch

Scorch Cover



Rico Lamoureux


All Rights Reserved


At times they felt more weathered than the beaten path they were on, father guiding son on the road to his future with unwavering determination. All walks of life, from the well-known to the stranger, the overwhelming majority infected with exorbitant ego and thus being a lesson for the young one to learn from.

“Observe with a quiet mind, watchful eyes, sharp ears,” his father would advise. “They are u­nable to see for themselves this self-induced plague which eats them from the inside out, so it is useless to try to reason with them, for those who choose not to live in alignment with truth can never fully embrace the reality of themselves.­

“The fact that their negative nature, their warped perspective, there obstinate mindset is displayed far greater than the love they claim is a warning to keep your distance, a crystal-clear teacher of what not to be.”

Another onslaught of pelting rain, freezing flakes, whirling winds of tornadic proportions, the two constantly adjusting, adapting, forever pushing forward as the dark side of humanity raged in defense against the father and son who dared not accept and conform.

“It is through these times of perseverance,” father shouted above the chaos showered down upon them, “when we must be at our strongest, for truth is the most powerful known substance in the universe.”

Son looked up into father’s eyes, absorbing such knowledge into the mind, the heart, the soul.

“They will try their damnedest to bend it, corrupt it, destroy it, but these misconstrued efforts will crumble like their very beings at the bitter end.”

At long last this enduring duo reached a place of serenity, descendant now taller in height than the forebear he had sprung forth from, now ready to stand on his own, to take the world on on his own, to take the reins of substantive warrior on his own, the two looking down from their virtuous view to those who could no longer impose and inflict their poisonous ways.

And thus they had survived the scorch.


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