Diary Of An Indie Author

Earnings statement of indie author.

Earnings statement of indie author.

Off to a great start for 2020 (they mutter sarcastically). This is the reality of being an indie author when you don’t have a marketing machine behind you. But being the eternal optimists we are, we say, Hey, that’s ok! We’ve got The Flash Fiction Ponder!

Indeed we do, and this is where we pour our hearts and souls into. Frequent posts pf thought-provoking literary works for free, the only thing we ask in return is for your support via likes, shares, positive comments, subscribing to the blog, so that those godly Matrix machines like Google can shine their cyber beam of opportunity our way.

Thank you for the continued support, this father/son duo very appreciative to have you on board for our stories of substance!

Journey Teller Lamoureux and his dad in a park with a new pen.

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