Journey Teller Lamoureux celebrates Batman Day!

Journey Teller Lamoureux celebrates Batman Day!

Coolest, darkest knight around the superhero roundtable,

commit a crime & you’ll find out he’s no fable.

Heart of a vigilante, skills of a ninja,

when he swoops down you won’t know what hitcha!

Yellow & Black,

cuttin’ injustice no slack,

grandmaster of the counter attack.

Today we pay homage to the caped crusader,

80 years strong, the mysterious invader.

To the seedy, the ruthless, criminal minds,

who seek to reek havoc on innocent lives.

Masked as Bruce Wayne,

not lookin’ for any fame,

just keepin’ Gotham safe like an eternal flame.

Thank you, Batman,

hero of the everyman,

instilling the notion that if we believe we can.

Bring about change,


put the odds in our favor,

not having to exchange.

Integrity for power,

during our darkest hour,

inner strength creating a perseverance tower.


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