Green Day – St. Jimmy (Part 1)



St. Jimmy

(Part 1 of the PuNk Tale)

Music Video Concept/Script


Rico Lamoureux





Green Day


All Rights Reserved





Extreme close-up, a green pic makes contact with the electric strings of Billie Joe’s guitar.

Extreme close-up, DRUMS are SLAMMED, second of which instantly throws us to…

A wide shot in flash animation of St. Jimmy coming into town, a bridge above the bay and hilltops as background.


St. Jimmy’s comin’ down

across the alleyway

Close-up, strike of the guitar.

Wide shot, St. Jimmy’s silhouette coming down the middle of the street as we morph from the flash animation to reality…


Up on the Boulevard

like a zip gun on parade

JumpCut from close-up on gutter to close-up on drums…

To close-up on St. Jimmy’s boots.


Light of a silhouette

Close-up as he clenches his hand into a fist. (Small crown tat on the web of his hand)

With just a thin layer of shadow remaining upon him, medium wide shot, looking out from his punk threads…


He’s insubordinate

Extreme close-up, he shoots a look to camera… (St. Jimmy is Billie Joe)


Comin’ at you

Begins to take off running towards us (camera) simultaneously hitting Slo-Mo as we zoom out to a wide shot.

Then JumpCut back to street level/medium wide shot..


On the count of

An extreme close-up of his boots.


One, two

From extreme close-up of Tre…


One, two, three, four

We jump around with quick multiple angles/framing on Tre and Mike as they go into hyperdrive with their PERFORMANCE, while quickly InterCuttting with Jimmy’s boots as he erratically runs about…

From jittery head cam we cover St. Jimmy with extreme close-up…


My name is Jimmy

and you better not wear it out

Suicide commando

that your mama talked about


As he passes an ol’ granny with ol’ granny cart he swipes a bottle of wine and yanks off its cork.


(Jimmy singing)

King of the forty thieves

I’m here to represent

With a raised leg a dog pees on a fire hydrant…

And we JumpCut out to St. Jimmy also with risen leg, pissing on the dog as he turns his head around to deliver the next verse to camera…


(Jimmy singing)

The needle in the vein

of the establishment

With the cranking of the camera a bit faster than your average twenty-four frames per second (which is used throughout video) St. Jimmy marches down the street with his bottle of granny wine…


(Jimmy singing)

I’m the patron saint of the denial

With an angel face

and a taste for suicidal

InterCut between band PERFORMING and…

A strict looking female meter maid in sunglasses blows her whistle and stops a jaywalking St. Jimmy.

She spreads him across her little meter maid mobile and pats him down.

Reaching his inner thigh, her eyes go WIDE at what she discovers.

From wide shot in an alley the meter maid mobile rocks up a storm…


Cigarettes and Ramen

and a little bag of dope

And in tighter, with her arse and palms pressed up against the glass, we zoom past her to St. Jimmy at her back giving her a citation of his own.


(Jimmy singing)

I am a son of a bitch

and Edgar Allen Poe

Wide shot, the town surrenders to dusk, the halo of lights beginning their illumination…


Raised in the city

in the halo of lights

Worn out from a marathon of St. Jimmy meter maid wipes her hair from her sweat-drenched face…


Product of war and fear

Extreme close-up, St. Jimmy zip’s up his zipper.


That we’ve been victimized

St. Jimmy marches down the street.


I’m the patron saint of the denial

With an angel face

and a taste for suicidal

Going off in the middle of an intersection he pours forth the Holy Spirit of PUNK as cars/the trailing lights they leave behind zooming past in fast-forward from all directions.


(Jimmy singing)

Are you talkin’ to me?!

I’ll give you somethin’ to cry about!

POV shot, at the entrance to a club St. Jimmy kicks down a door…

And all inside turn his way and raise their booze in greeting.



St. Jimmy!

DURING HEAVY GUITARS St. Jimmy makes his way through the crowd of admirers and to the band…

As he faces his boys/his back to camera his guitar is strapped into place by some offscreen help while he downs a shot…

From a glide of the hand over some of the electric veins of his GUITAR he fires it up…

And turns around to camera while going into his PERFORMANCE…


(Jimmy singing)

My name is St. Jimmy

I’m a son of a gun

I’m the one that’s from the way outside

Now a teenage assassin

executing some fun

in the cold of the life of crime

now I’d really hate to say it

but I told you so

so shut your mouth

before I shoot you down ol’ boy

Welcome to the club

and give me some blood

I’m the resident leader

of the lost and found

He raises a beer above his head…


(Jimmy singing)

It’s comedy

and tragedy

Brings it back down, dips his middle finger in it and makes the sign of the cross with his holy brewski.


(Jimmy singing)

It’s St. Jimmy

With arms outstretched to his sides we fall back to a wide shot…


(Jimmy singing)

And that’s my name

St. Jimmy in extreme close-up…


(Jimmy singing)

And don’t wear it out


WITH EACH OF THE FOUR POUNDS of the DRUMS he’s immortalized with his image in…

A hand drawing…

Flash animation…




Song follows,

& then a chance to learn how to write music video scripts….

Come back for Part 2

and meet St. Jimmy’s spawn!

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