Dear Journey – When Masters Do

Author Rico Lamoureux shares some wisdom with his son Journey.

Dear Journey,

From a street artist to a Michelin chef, when a master creates take the time to not only notice but observe, learn, absorb. It’s one of the most mesmerizing encounters you will ever experience.

Watch the beauty of that expert baker as his kneading hands express his passionate spirit, the fluidity in which they move, that delicate balance between a firm hand and a gentle touch. Adding a sprinkle of spice here and a dust of flour there, at one with the dough he brings into being.

Being at one with; the inspiring lesson we receive when taking in the actions of a virtuoso, their dedicated years of honing such skill now translating to effortless inception of the highest order.

The brush strokes of the painter as she takes visual images and sets them to colorful scenes that appear just as vivid as the real thing. The umbrella maker as he juggles springs, a canopy and a handful of small rods to magically produce right before our eyes our protection from the elements. A pianist as she plays her ivory keys as if making love to them, each stroke, each caress flowing into the next as we not only listen but feel her soul.

And then there’s our expertise, the storytellers you and I are. Words like stars, paragraphs like galaxies, are stories the universes we give life to.

Art is everywhere, but true masters are far and few in between. To come upon one, to learn from one, is indeed an invaluable gift.





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