Enduring Whispers

Clouds in the sky. For Enduring Whispers, on The Flash Fiction Ponder.

Clouds in the sky. For Enduring Whispers, on The Flash Fiction Ponder.

Enduring Whispers


Rico Lamoureux


All Rights Reserved


It was during the times when all the world seemed against him.

When strangers gave bad looks, cashiers had no smiles, people at work as matter of fact as a timeclock.

Cyber friends even turning their backs, no likes, no comments, no validation at all.

All alone in the world he would feel, under a cave of blankets or somber shower, gray skies to the bone.

But then a little light would creep in, a tiny voice of reassurance, hope, encouragement, gathering in momentum as it spread until all seemed right again and life was truly meant to be lived.

A tiny voice within, which he could never fully understand but always there to lift him out of his most darkest of hours. One with all the comfort in the world yet no explanation as to why. One far and beyond his current space and time, yet still so intimately close it was as if it were riding the warmth of a gentle spoken breeze.

So far beyond yet so intimately close, what he perceived as an inner voice actually being that of a great love of the past, going so far back only his soul finding familiarity in it.

From a previous life, a love still current, his widow never having taken another heart into hers as she still speaks to him as if he were still there.

Words which still find him, in the form of enduring whispers.


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