Wilson Wilson

Blue sky among white clouds, image for the thought-provoking science fiction short story Wilson Wilson.

Wilson Wilson


Rico Lamoureux


All Rights Reserved.


How could someone just disappear? Here one moment, gone the next, as if instantly teleported to another dimension, another realm.

Every generation nearly four and a half million people go missing without a trace. Simply vanish from the earth as if they never walked it. Families, friends, acquaintances, all left to wonder, to go on living despite the empty void left behind.

Do they go to The Great Beyond, unlike the rest of us somehow leaving nothing behind? The Great Beyond; a grand idea, concept, theory, belief, as diverse as the countless perspectives which forge them through thought, not a single one able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it holds the true answers to the questions we’ve all been pondering since the beginning.

This lack of understanding such a mystery is why we are left dumbfounded when one of our fellow human beings appear to dissipate into the unknown. But what if the answer was not as unknown as we thought, the vanished having gone to a place they had actually experienced before?

While time travel in the present time of you reading this is a theory of science fiction, past great minds of brilliance such as Einstein believed it to be achievable, yet not a single one could crack the code and make it a known reality. Perspective is a huge part of discovering puzzle pieces of the universe, none of these geniuses having the precise angle of thought to align with understanding what they knew to be possible.

The problem was, they were thinking outside the equation, as if our physical bodies had to separately match the great energy of the speed of light in order to indeed time travel. One thing in time and space matching the other, while the real answer lie in becoming it. When stars of the mind and stars of the universe align as one, if you will. This happens all around us all the time in different forms, one of the most common being luck.

How is it that one person can spend their entire lives striving for opportunity while another can just wake up one day and fall right into it? One common belief among scientists is that we are all part of everything and everything is a part of us, and so yes, this includes time and chance. Like chance, when time is in alignment with desire, when that missing puzzle piece is discovered at just the right moment an occurrence our limited understanding can only refer to as phenomenon takes place.

Such was the case with Wilson Wilson, a fellow born into this world with a repetitive name while destined to repeat life twice. The first time around it hadn’t worked out so well for him, grabbing opportunity as elusive as trying to grab fistfuls of water, while the effect of such misfortune would oftentimes submerge his soul in sorrow.

One day while contemplating his place in the universe Wilson Wilson had a peculiar thought. The frame of his mind not only shifting but morphing, now seeing his past in a new light. The light that had become one with the universe’s light, this enlightenment giving him the perspective of seeing his whole life from the outside looking in. Like a timeline, his awareness now having the ability to pinpoint exactly where on that timeline he wished to be, while taking with him the knowledge he had accumulated thus far.

And just like that Wilson Wilson was instantaneously gone. No trace, no clue left behind. Simply gone.


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RICO LAMOUREUX has been writing stories for over three decades now. He feels the greatest tale he will ever tell is to his future child, of how important it is to follow one’s passion. Part of the story involves the fact that the universe ended up placing a price tag on Rico’s dream of having a child(in the form of needing a surrogate), and so now he’s working on making this dream a reality. If you would like to help bestow the gift of fatherhood you can do so here…

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