Daddy’s Fighting For You

Baby's hand in daddy's hand, part of Rico Lamoureux's GoFundMe campaign.

Daddy’s Fighting for You


Rico Lamoureux


All Rights Reserved


I know you’re out there somewhere, patiently waiting…

It’s what drives me to get out of bed, suit up for another day of creating and hustling.

Daddy’s fighting for you.

I know we’re going to be like two peas in a pod from the moment you’re placed into my arms.

It’s what strengthens my heart, what eases my soul.

Daddy’s fighting for you.

I know the number it’s going to take to get you here sounds astronomical, but if others have done it why can’t I?

It’s what keeps me chipping away, for every penny earned is a step closer.

Daddy’s fighting for you.

I know that with the strangers I reach out to the overwhelming majority will ignore me, but the few who happen to have their hearts open while scrolling upon my message will be the ones to join the crusade.

It’s what some people call a grassroots movement, what I call real life heroes.

Daddy’s fighting for you.

I know the world is tough, I’ve experienced it many times over.

It’s what will keep my hand there for you to reach out for whenever you need it, until my dying day.

Daddy’s fighting for you.

I know you are the answer to all that I’ve been through, to all that I’ve ever hoped for.

You will bring me to true completion.

Daddy’s fighting for you.


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