Kenny Rogers- All That You Could Be

Image for music video script of Kenny Rogers, shows him with mic in hand.

All That You Could Be

Music Video Concept/Script


Rico Lamoureux



Kenny Rogers

All Rights Reserved.



At a private event and he rolls his elderly mother in a wheelchair to an area in front of a projection screen.


We put together a little something

 we’d like to share with you, Mama…

He kisses her on the forehead and heads over to a piano, where he picks up a mic as his sister starts the song…

Another sibling nearby COMING IN WITH A VIOLIN…

On the projection screen (with lights of the dining room dimming down) a montage of photographs begin to show…

– – Kenny’s mother in her late teens, pregnant and glowing with her husband by her side…

– – In a hospital bed, she holds newborn Kenny in her arms, proud papa there is well…

– – Kenny is a toddler, in cute cowboy outfit, atop his mother’s lap…

– – A family photo of mother and father, five-year-old Kenny, and a newborn little sister…

– – A 10-year-old Kenny, his five-year-old sister, and two-year-old little brother, each holding a gift in front of a Christmas tree, parents nearby…


A star up in the sky

will never know

how lovely is the light

that shines below

It’s always there

it never fades

without its magic light

how would we find our way?

And you don’t know how

beautiful you are

if your eyes could see

the love that’s in your heart

then you would know

what everybody sees

Kenny looks over to his mother…


(Kenny singing)

That beautiful

is all that you could be

Back up on the projected screen, We Slowly Fall Back on a tombstone, which reads LOVING FATHER AND HUSBAND…

And the single -arented family who poses with it, Kenny now a teen…


What did I feel

would think was true

I can’t remember

before loving you

you’ve shown me all

that love can be

as beautiful as you are

it still amazes me

With a new set of life memories, the strong mother is there beside each of her three children as they graduate high school…


That you don’t know how

beautiful you are

If your eyes could see

the love that’s in your heart

And years later have children of their own…


Then you would know

what everybody sees

Her hand in his, Kenny serenades the very special woman in his life…

(His siblings at his back)


(Kenny singing)

That beautiful



is all that you could be



A still–frame of Kenny and his siblings gathered around their beloved mother…



Have a listen to the song

now that the video is in mind…

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