Dissipate Cover


Rico Lamoureux

All Rights Reserved.


It’s like a sneeze felt throughout the whole body.

I never doubted it. For centuries they called it Science Fiction, claiming it went against all laws of physics. But that had been the problem all along; the laws they had created for themselves in turn limiting what was actually possible.

Then came my century of existence, born into being with an innate sense to question everything, and when an answer could not be given an obsessive desire would overwhelm me until explanation had finally been found.

Why do the stars shine?

How does our heart beat without rest until the final rest?

When will it all end, the extinguishing of our Big Bang?

Such an inquisitive nature led me to what would become my life’s work. Ninety-one years of study, somewhat longer than Edison’s one thousand attempts at creating the light bulb.

Countless formulas, tens of thousands of experiments, many of which were performed on living beings. ‘Harsh’, you might say? Only until your attached desire begs to take advantage of the results of my study in order to save your loved one.

To reach for something no one else has ever grasped can be daunting at the very least, but with the utmost of conviction man can create or obliviate like a god. It indeed takes such ego to go where no one has ever gone before, to invert all that has ever been known on the subject while looking through unwavering eyes.

So why not then inject my very own research into my very own being? To succeed means to have failed many times over. Who then would have been left to take over?

No, dear reader, I am not deflecting. It was always my intention to conduct the final evaluation upon myself, for not doing so would have been like baking the most delicious of cakes without actually saving a piece for yourself, only on a more infinite level.

Once I had unlocked humankind’s most perplexed of wonders I did just that, setting the target as myself and hitting engage.

Since then I’ve been asked countless times by those who have yet to experience it, ‘how does it feel?’ my response always being, “It’s like a sneeze felt throughout the whole body.”

With my discovery came the instant rise of being the richest person in human history, as well as placing our kind a giant leap closer to time travel. A feat many expect me to tackle next. But I’ll leave the elaborate fashioning of the consequent piece of the puzzle of our existence to someone else, my purpose of having proven and brought about actual teleportation enough for me to satisfyingly transport to the spiritual realm the old fashioned way once my time comes, until then enjoying every part of this world I have ever wanted to visit, the time it takes to get to each now within a blink of an eye.

As mind-boggling as it probably sounds, what I have helped bring about will one day be looked upon as primitive, just as we look back at the accomplishments of the Wright brothers with an air of blasé. So be it, for the human mind needs to continue to imagine beyond any so-called laws put forth if it is to continue to thrive.


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