An iridescent bubble


Rico Lamoureux

All Rights Reserved.


Like floating worlds, so delicate as they gently drift, each reflecting upon the contour of its sphere the environment of which it spends its mere seconds of existence. Enhancing those colors which surround it atop its tender surface, the iridescence stirring the imagination, seeing within its lustrous hues indeed whatever the mind can create.

But like the all-too-brief lifespan of the magical orb known as bubble the artistry within thought only has moments to be absorbed by it before POP, it explodes into oblivion, the only clue of its past presence being the soapy liquid remnants left behind. And so this was all that remained in Jeffrey’s palm, to stare at, to ponder, to wonder on the mysteries of this exquisite phenomenon.

He could spend hours transfixed as if in a waking dream, which oftentimes he did, such days blowing into being the glorious transparent globes until exhaustion finally set in, then lying amongst a slippery-soaked floor, thinking back on the kaleidoscopic images which gave his mind’s eye otherworldly visions. Otherworldly since they were indeed too ethereal for this plane of existence. Too fantastical, yet at the same time too real to be a hallucination.

What if…? What if he could somehow capture this glimpse of what must be a mystical realm? But how? It would be like striving to catch lightning in a bottle. An impossible attempt to harness what he could only try to describe. Cosmic compositions. Yes. That’s as close as he could come to putting into words what his eyes, his soul marvelled at.

Cosmic compositions that at the same time felt as though they were a part of him. Like the universe of his body being connected to the vast universe above, inside looking out.

Inside looking out…


Jeffrey immediately began to research bubbles, scouring the net to find what others had discovered about them. One of the most intriguing occurred during freezing weather, the frail balls glaciating right before one’s eyes, crystals forming within those extremely thin layers that could spellbound the viewer with its surreal animation-like dispersion.

As mesmerizing as this all was it did not hold the same level of bemusement as the colors given off by the bubbles while under normal temperatures, leaving Jeffrey with the belief that the iridescence beheld was not just a reflection of the world around him, but somehow a mirror image of an inner universe that most try to understand but can only theorize. The true door to being utterly absorbed by imagination.

Giant bubbles. The only possible way of being on the inside looking out. To ascend to a level where one does not merely use mental power, but becomes it.

There were techniques he could use to get inside, but nothing he knew of to be entirely encompassed. No way of sealing the top. But was total encasement required? As long as his point-of-view was filled with the interior, the 360-degree circumference all that should be needed to enter the gateway of extreme focus leading to…

But he would need the assistance of someone he could trust to actually create the bubble around him. Someone who was a fellow conceptual thinker and believed as much as he did in the possibility, so as to keep the energy surrounding the attempt negative-free.

“Let’s do it, dad,” Austin said upon learning of his father’s intention. The young man had spent the last couple of years, his first in his twenties, helplessly watching as cancer ate away at his dear father, the disease taking a once towering man in both life and body and stripping him down to skin and bones. If he could do anything to ease such suffering, he was eager to do so.

And thus the effort began.

Bubble solution, which included the ingredient of corn syrup, for strengthening purposes.

A kiddie pool.

And a hula hoop.

That was it; three components to achieve one miraculous event. Either that or father and son having a play date with bubbles.

Seated in the sudsy pool with legs crossed Jeffrey entered a meditative state of sorts, his mind’s eye laying focus on the coloration rebounded from those floating worlds that would leave him mystified. It didn’t take long for him to see with that inner vision, to feel a hint of those moments of wonder.

Seeing it across his dad’s face Austin began to lift the soap soaked hula hoop out of the water just as he had practiced many times before, not too slow and not too fast, just the right speed, just the right use of energy to crate the strongest and longest lasting giant bubble he could.

Like a whole new world rising up from around him Jeffrey looked on in amazement as the shining colors transformed into a timeline of developing the imagination…

A colorful mobile rotating to the sounds of infancy, merging with the mind the animals of a nursery, as they ran through such colors to acquire their own…

Using every part of his hand to bring to life a blank sheet of paper, adding shape and therefore beings to the wet bright colors of finger paint he’d stroke across the page…

Those hands, those extensions to imagination, now arranging colored shapes—a yellow star, a blue crescent moon, a green diamond—to fit into the doorway of their counterpart and fall into the circle that held them all…

Increasing the tangible riddles to puzzles, Chinese Checkers, a Rubik’s cube.

The colors flourishing into words which gave way to stories…

Musical notes, which gave way to melodies…

Numbers, which gave way to the dimensions of everything in story and the tempo of everything in song…

Jeffrey was in the center of it all. At the core, the inside looking out, the colors of imagination encircling him like a time lapse of continuously shifting clouds gently sailing through the skies, now beginning to form those inner cosmic compositions that were both never-before-seen yet somehow someway familiar.

Gently sailing, floating, like those floating delicate bubble worlds drifting all around him. Like the one he was in right now. So close he could reach out and touch it, become it.

Yes, from this side he could. No only align with it but infuse. All he had to do was reach out, reach into the abyss of imagination to become a part of it.

And so he did.


And like the bubble, Jeffrey was gone.


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